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The History of The Stop Smoking Guide

Hello. My name is Allen Jones and I am an ex-smoker. I am the owner and website administrator for

I live just outside of Tampa, Florida with my beautiful wife, our teenage son and our 6 year old daughter. My wife and I both smoked cigarettes since we met each other 10 years ago in nursing school. Turns out, she and I both had been smoking since our high school years.

I am now a computer technical support and training specialist for a nationwide supply company. My wife is an elementary school about a tough job! We were all happy and didn't think twice about all the wonderful things we had in life. Until...

As I was driving down the highway one morning, I felt a bit dizzy. I couldn't see straight. As I pulled to the side of the interstate I realized that I was going to completely pass out. I slammed the car into park and proceeded to lose complete conciousness. I woke up a couple of minutes later and drove straight to my doctor's office. Guess what...I passed out in his office, right in front of his staff. Before the day was over I was admitted to the hospital.

Our perfect little life had been disrupted in a serious way. Turns out I have a rare heart condition that I won't get into right now. Long story short, I had to stop smoking and I had to stop soon.

As the days went by I spent hours and hours researching the 1001 stop smoking remedies, pills, shots and other techniques. I tried a couple of them to no avail. My mind and body simply would not handle the withdrawal symptoms and I would end up smoking again within a few days.

Then I thought, "Why not use two or three of these techniques at the same time?" After trying out a couple different combinations, I came across one that actually worked! I actually quit smoking quickly and better yet, easily! I hardly even realized it...I was a non-smoker and I could be one for the rest of my life.

How could it be? I was actually able to quit. Thinking that this was a fluke, I convinced my wife to try it. She stopped smoking on the very first try. After that, I asked a few co-workers to try it out after a monthly health benefits meeting. All but one of them completely quit (and the one that didn't quit really didn't want to in the first place).

Now I knew I was on to something. If it worked for me I knew it could work for anyone and from what I had seen, it was the truth. I had actually found a way to stop smoking quickly and much easier than any of the other techniques. All I did was use two specific stop smoking techniques at the same time!

I decided to create a website to share this secret with the world. was born. As I said in my testimonial, if I can help save one life...or add years to someones life so they can spend it with their loved ones...then this would all be well worth it.

This is a very exciting time in our lives. Since we stopped smoking, my wife and I have found vigor and energy that we had all but forgotten about!

Take a tour of the website. I trust that you too will be a non-smoker if you follow our free guide and commit yourself 110% to becoming a non-smoker.

Best of luck.


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