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Welcome To The Stop Smoking Guide!

"The cigarette does the smoking - you're just the sucker." ~Author Unknown

Chapter 5

Types of Addiction: Why Do You Smoke?

It's time to switch gears a bit.

The previous chapters have focused on the dangers of cigarette smoking. Their purpose was to get you to look at cigarette smoking as a physical action and to think about what you are doing to yourself and others around you while you smoke. We encourage you to re-read the previous chapters as much as possible. The more uncomfortable you get while smoking, the easier it will be when you're ready to quit.

In order for you to stop smoking successfully, it is first necessary for you to understand exactly why you smoke. I don't mean why you started smoking, or the overwhelming stresses and pressures in your life that cause you to light up every day. I am talking about the things that happen to your mind and body each time you smoke a cigarette.

There are two types of addiction that have gotten you hooked on cigarettes. They are physical addiction and psychological addiction. This chapter discusses each one of these types of addiction in detail and what you can do to conquer both of them and become a non-smoker forever.

When most people decide to stop smoking, they will choose some sort of stop smoking aid to help them. The problem with this is that each one of these aids only handles one of the two addictions. While they work fine on one type of addiction, most will end up smoking again because the other type of addiction took over and motivated them to smoke again.

The paragraph above basically describes the idea that precipitated our whole system. Later on, we will introduce you to the two products that will allow you to easily beat both addictions and stop smoking forever.guaranteed.

Please don't be turned off by the fact that we are suggesting you buy something. These products do work and they are 100% guaranteed. Even more, we have found that when they are used together, the effects are synergized. That means that when you use them together, they make each other stronger. They are the "secret" to this whole stop smoking plan! I've used these products myself and thousands of other ex-smokers have used them to stop smoking forever. I can confidently tell you, first hand, that these products work amazingly well, and they won't break your bank! You will be shocked at how easy (and cheap) it is to stop smoking with our system.

It is important that you read this ebook in its entirety before attempting to stop smoking. There are very important topics that we will be covering in the following chapters that you absolutely need to know. Plus, you run the chance of losing the 100% money back guarantee from the vendors of these products if you don't time your purchase correctly.

Enough about the program, you'll learn all about it later. On to the addictions! We will discuss these two types of addiction (or dependence) at a very basic level. Volumes have been written about these two types of addiction. If you wish to learn more about them, you can find multitudes of information on the internet. For our purposes, you don't need to know any more than we explain below. Our goal here is simply to make you learn and understand what these addictions are and what they are doing to you on a very basic level.

Physical Addiction

Wikipedia defines physical dependence as,"the appearance of characteristic withdrawal symptoms when the use of a substance is suddenly discontinued." Nicotine is considered physically addictive because it physically alters your brain function and it produces withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking.

You are physically dependant on cigarettes.in particular, the nicotine that you inhale when smoking a cigarette. Way back when you first started smoking cigarettes, an amazing thing happened inside your body.

First, a little anatomy lesson:

Every nerve in your brain and nervous system communicates with other cells by sending out tiny neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) that are received by the receptors of the other cell. Nicotine acts on the receptors that are normally used by a main neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.essentially tricking your body into thinking the nicotine is extra acetylcholine.

When you started smoking, your body began responding to the nicotine thinking it was extra acetylcholine. As you continued to smoke, your body began to adapt to this "extra" acetylcholine. How? By growing extra acetylcholine receptors! This is the way that nicotine physically alters your brain function.

Over the years, your body has become used to what it thinks is a normal level of acetylcholine. If you were to suddenly stop smoking, your body would react, thinking it was being deprived of this neurotransmitter. Seeking equilibrium, subconsciously your body tells you that you must get more acetylcholine. This is where the craving for nicotine comes from.

After a day or two of not smoking, your cells will begin adapting again by decreasing the amount of its acetylcholine receptors and the nicotine cravings will begin to subside. In fact, the physical addiction to nicotine can be broken in a matter of days.

So why is smoking considered so difficult to give up if the nicotine addiction is gone in a few days? Well, it's really not that difficult if you know how to do it. Breaking the physical addiction to nicotine is actually half the battle, and with the help you'll find later in this book, you will have no problems with breaking this part of your addiction whatsoever. We'll show you how to do it and you'll be surprised at exactly how easy it is.

To recap, physical addiction is the actual nicotine reaction with your body's anatomy and physiology. Over the years your body has become used to the nicotine in your system. When discontinued, your brain seeks equilibrium, thinking it is being deprived of something it needs. This is physical dependence and it can be broken in a matter of days.

Psychological Addiction

The other half of your addiction to smoking is much more complex than physical addiction. Psychological dependence does not involve the nicotine in cigarettes or the physical effects the nicotine has on your brain. Psychological dependence transpires when a person develops a daily routine and a habit of actually smoking the cigarettes. You have got to break this habit.

Smoking gives pleasure. This "pleasure" comes in many ways: the tactile pleasure of handling the cigarette, the oral pleasure of drawing on the cigarette, the "quick fix" in times of anxiety, anger and stress, the social pleasure of smoking in situations of good feelings such as bars, pubs or sporting events. Over time, you have become used to smoking in these situations and your mind has associated smoking with them and the pleasure that comes with them. You find yourself lighting up even if you aren't physically craving the nicotine...without even thinking about it! At this point, you are psychologically hooked.

This psychological addiction to cigarettes is the reason that so many of us have successfully quit smoking only to start right back up again a month or two later. In order to break this psychological dependence, one must learn how to live a life without cigarettes. You must also learn what you can do when you realize a psychological urge to smoke (smoking trigger). These triggers are usually brought on by stressful situations such as an argument, a vehicle accident, not getting enough sleep or something along those lines.

You need to be able to recognize these stressful situations and react to them appropriately. No, we don't mean to light up a cigarette! You'll learn all about what to do in these situations later, and I know I keep saying this, but you'll be quite surprised at how easy it is to do.

Most smokers are extremely afraid of the thought of quitting; the thought of living life without the friend who does everything with them and makes them feel good. This fear is based on what they have heard or what they have experienced in the past. So what is a person to do? Do it the right way.

Again, we will show you, later on, a very successful system that eliminates the psychological dependence on smoking.to the tune of a 94% success rate! Also, when paired with the product that eliminates the physical dependency, the effects are synergistic. Using these two tools together is what makes our system so easy. No physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Trust me, if you want to stop smoking, this plan will work for you.

Later in this ebook we will discuss the techniques we use to eliminate these addictions with little or no withdrawal symptoms. Remember our motto: "It's easy to stop smoking when you know how to do it!" With the withdrawal symptoms handled, quitting will be quick and easy.

Why Stop SmokingThink About This When You Smoke:

Think about the physical reaction that nicotine is having on your brain and nervous system.

Remember the chemical reactions that are occurring in your body and brain!

Think about the psychological factors that are causing you to smoke cigarettes even when you aren't in need of the nicotine. How could you have avoided these psychological triggers?


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