Chapter 6: Stages of Quitting

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Chapter 6

Stages of Quitting: What You Must Go Through

There are 5 stages to quitting smoking that every smoker must go through to stop smoking. Each is discussed in detail below.

  • Awareness – This stage of quitting is the most common among smokers. This is where the smoker is simply “toying” with the idea of quitting. If you have ever thought you should quit smoking, you were in this stage at the time. 70 percent of smokers are currently in the Awareness Stage. Problem is, these smokers are staying in this stage and not moving on to the next one. This stage is simply a stepping stone to the next stage; the idea is entertained. It does no good whatsoever to remain in the awareness stage. 
  • Visualization – The Visualization Stage is probably where most of you are currently sitting. This is the stage where a smoker has serious intentions to stop smoking…they just haven’t made the decision yet. Most people use the Visualization Stage to get themselves mentally prepared. Some people jump straight into this step, skipping the Awareness Stage due to a medical condition, pregnancy or other life changing situation. These people are ready to make the most important decision of their lives; they just need a little push to get them into the next stage. That’s what this ebook is for. 
  • Decision – The Decision Stage is where we want you to be by the time you complete this ebook. Making the actual decision to stop smoking is not really as difficult as one would expect. If you have been in the Visualization Stage for any amount of time, then making the actual decision to quit is only a matter of setting up a plan and setting a firm quit date. After reading the first few chapters of this book, you’d have to agree that deciding to quit is just a matter of common, rational sense. Once you have made the decision and set a date, you must continue with your visualization! Keep researching the effects of smoking, keep reading this ebook, and make it THE main goal in your life. Be excited about it. It is fine to continue smoking during this period of time. Just continue with the exercises laid out in the email course and you’ll be just fine.
  • Action (prior to quit date) – The Action Stage begins a day or two prior to your quit date and will continue for a couple of months. This is when you start preparations for your life without cigarettes! Two days prior to your quit date, do the following things:
    • Toss out all smoking paraphernalia – lighters, matches, ashtrays, hidden “emergency” cigarettes. All you should have left is what you will smoke for the next two days and one pack of matches (or one lighter).
    • Stop smoking inside your home. You will go outside to smoke for the next two days.
    • Clean your clothes, carpets, furniture, draperies and anything else holding the odor of cigarettes.
    • Store away anything that will remind you of smoking – pictures, magazines, anything that would place the image of smoking in your head…you’ll know what they are.
    • Gather resources – this ebook, for examples as well as any other audiotapes, videos, hotline numbers, support groups information and place them in a place you will easily find them later.
    • Only buy one pack of cigarettes at a time and change to a brand you do not like.
    • Make smoking unpleasant.
  • Action (on and after quit date) – Once your quit date arrives, you will naturally experience feelings of anxiety, you will learn how to deal with this later on. Just know that if you follow our system exactly as we lay it out for you, you will stop smoking easily and for life! On and after your quit date you will:
    • Change your environment. Do not go to places where smoking is allowed
    • Drink large amounts of water and fruit juice.
    • Recognize your smoking triggers and deal with them appropriately.
    • Stay busy. Change your routine or even take up new hobbies and activities.
    • Exercise frequently and get plenty of rest.
    • Experience the withdrawal. As we have told you before, it is not as bad as you think if you do it the right way!
    • Understand that any withdrawal feelings you may experience are an important sign that your body is healing itself.
  • Maintenance – You will experience the final stage of quitting for the rest of your life. The Maintenance Stage involves two things, sustaining your role as a non-smoker and avoiding a relapse. Again, you will learn how to do this later. The main things to do in this stage are:
    • Recognize your smoking triggers (stress, anxiety, arguing, being around smokers, drinking, etc…) and act accordingly.
    • Reward yourself on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly).

These are the five stages any smoker must go through in order to stop smoking. If you are already in the Visualization Stage, you only have three to go! The rest of this ebook will teach you how to easily get through the final three stages and make you a non-smoker for life!

There is one extremely important thing that you must know regarding the stages above. When you make the decision to stop smoking, you must look deep within yourself. The decision must be truthful, sincere and genuine! Only you know whether or not your decision is true. Remember, you must not move on through the Decision Stage until you have committed yourself, 110%, to stop smoking! After what you have read in this ebook so far, I don't think the decision will be too hard for you.

Why Stop SmokingThink About This When You Smoke:

What stage of quitting are you in? After all you have learned in this ebook so far, would you like to progress to the next stage?


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