In Closing

The information below is an actual chapter from our Stop Smoking Ebook, "The Stop Smoking Guide." Download the entire ebook below and find out how easy it really is to stop smoking quickly, easily and forever!.

In Closing

We hope that you have made the decision to stop smoking with our program. We can honestly say that this program works and it works exceptionally well. Having worked this program personally and receiving tremendous feedback from our users, we know it works for just about everyone.

Below is the final list of what to think about when you smoke a cigarette. Even if you decide not to proceed with our program, please think about the things below as you smoke.for the rest of your life.

  • From now on, whenever you light up a cigarette, think about the reasons you have in your life to stop smoking and about how healthy you would be if you could just quit.
  • Think about the death and illness facts of smoking. Think about what it does to your body and your children. Then think about what you are taking into your lungs with every puff you take from your cigarette.
  • Be completely aware of your surroundings and the people or animals that are around you when you smoke. Think about what you are doing to them without their consent. Remember that the chemicals will linger in the air for hours.
  • Think about your kids or the kids in your life!! You could be spending this time with them instead.
  • Think about the physical reaction that nicotine is having on your brain and nervous system. Remember the chemical reactions that are occurring.
  • Think about the psychological factors that are causing you to smoke cigarettes even when you aren’t in need of the nicotine. How could you have avoided these psychological triggers?
  • What stage of quitting are you in? After all you have learned in this ebook so far, would you like to progress to the next stage?
  • Think about all the benefits you could reap if you would just stop smoking!
  • Think about exactly why you decided to light up that cigarette. Was it a psychological smoking trigger like an argument, driving in the car or after eating a meal? What could you have done instead of lighting up a cigarette?

Good luck and thank you for reading The Stop Smoking Guide.

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