The Stop Smoking Guide

The information below is an actual chapter from our Stop Smoking Ebook, "The Stop Smoking Guide." Download the entire ebook below and find out how easy it really is to stop smoking quickly, easily and forever!.

Section 1


It is of grave importance to follow each section of this guide to the letter. Do not skip part of a section or move ahead without completing each and every part of it. Remember that you have made the decision to stop smoking, whatever it takes.

By following this guide completely and faithfully, we are extremely confident that you will become a non-smoker easily and without fail.

Some of our "students" have said that creating a calendar-type list and marking off every day helped them to get through the program even easier.

Section 1 involves getting yourself mentally and physically prepared for the rest of the stop smoking process.

  1. Read chapters 1-5 of The Stop Smoking guide every day…twice if possible, once in the morning and once in the evening.

  2. From now on, you will be smoking alone. Inform your smoking buddies now! Seek out a place where you can smoke in solitude. This will facilitate #3 below.

  3. First off, you will need to...


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