Stop Smoking Triggers

Chapter 8: Alternatives to Smoking Triggers

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Chapter 8

Alternatives to Smoking Triggers: The Secret to Success

You're getting pretty close to making your decision to stop smoking. So many of us have tried to stop smoking in the past only to start right back up again a few days or weeks later. 99% of the time, this happens because a smoking "trigger" appeared and we were not ready to deal with it.

A friend that didn't know you quit smoking offered you a cigarette. You had a car accident. You were drinking at the local pub with other smokers. You just had an argument with a co-worker or a loved one. There are many triggers that will eventually appear and tempt you to light up. If you can just say no and change your environment immediately, you will not give in to the temptations and you will remain a non-smoker forever. You have to get away from or deal with these triggers without lighting up!

But what if you cannot get away? What if the trigger is something as simple as driving in your car or needing something to hold in your hands?

It is imperative that you be ready for these situations. Before your quit date, you will have to seriously sit down and make a list of triggers that would tempt you to smoke. For each of these triggers, you need to come up with an alternative to smoking. For instance, if you just need something to hold, grab a pencil or a stir-stick. If you have an oral craving, chew a piece of gum instead.

Below you will find a list of alternatives in two sections. The first list will contain alternatives that take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to complete. The second list will be for alternatives that will take 30-60 minutes or more.

These are only starter lists for the list you will be building during the stop smoking course at the end of this ebook.

5-15 Minute Alternatives:

  • Clean your wallet or your purse
  • Straighten your desk or locker
  • Tend to a small section of your garden
  • Organize your CDs, tapes, tool box, etc…
  • Brush and floss your teeth
  • Water plants and wash their leaves
  • Take a walk down the street and back
  • Play computer games
  • Play with the kids

30-60 Minute Alternatives

  • Walk around the block a time or two
  • Reorganize your files
  • Clean the closet or the attic
  • Read
  • Needlepoint, Knit or Crochet
  • Take the car for an oil change or change it yourself
  • Learn a new job technique from a coworker
  • Play a board game
  • Play internet games
  • Take the kids out for ice cream
  • Join and participate on an internet message board
  • Play with the kids

Whatever you decide to do as an alternative to your triggers, make it immediately accessible and free from other triggers.

Start thinking of your possible triggers now. As you think of them, write them down. Again, during the stop smoking course at the end of this ebook, one of your exercises will be to write down all of your triggers and their alternatives. By starting now, you will have an extra head start!

Again, smoking triggers have squashed countless stop smoking attempts. If these people were ready for the triggers that caused them to smoke again and were able to act accordingly, they would not have failed at quitting smoking.

I cannot stress enough that you realize how important it is to be ready for your smoking triggers. Just knowing about triggers and being able to adjust to them gives you tremendous power over your addiction. You must do the exercises related to this chapter if you want to stand a chance of quitting smoking. DO NOT relax on this chapter thinking that it doesn't matter! This is the most important chapter in regards to remaining a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

Why Stop SmokingThink About This When You Smoke:

Think about exactly why you decided to light up that cigarette. Was it a psychological smoking trigger like an argument, driving in the car or after eating a meal? What could you have done instead of lighting up this cigarette?


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