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Our number two pick for a stop smoking product to eliminate physical withdrawal symptoms is Final Smoke©. Final Smoke is a powerful herbal formula blended in such a way that it mimics nicotine in a person's system...essentially tricking the brain into thinking it is getting the nicotine it craves. Final Smoke, like all the stop smoking products we review, contains no nicotine whatsoever.

Final Smoke comes complete with a stop smoking manual, audio program and the stop smoking pills. At the time of purchase, you may also choose to buy any of their wonderful stop smoking supplements such as their all-natural Lung Cleanser or Triple Trim, Final Smoke's answer to weight gain when you stop smoking. We also recommend the Final Smoke Quit'll see it on their order page.

Since Final Smoke contains no nicotine, as you use it, your body is actually cleaning itself out. What happens if you smoke while taking Final Smoke? You'll immediately feel the "warning signs" of cheating while taking Final Smoke. Not only will cigarettes taste badly, you'll immediately feel nauseated and sick. What a great way to keep you on track!

Every bottle of Final Smoke is safety-sealed and marked with an expiration date. The capsules work best when swallowed but can be dissolved in liquid if for some reason a person cannot swallow pills or capsules.

This brings us to the only downfall we could find with Final Smoke. You must take the capsules every 4 hours, four times a day. For those who are on the go or stay very busy or, in my case, those who are forgetful, it may be easy to skip doses. According to their website, doses should not be missed, especially in the first several days of taking it. If you think about it, just about all of the stop smoking pills are taken this way, so some may not see this as a downfall.

Overall, we see Final Smoke as a great choice for a physical withdrawal eliminator. The price for the basic system is only $99.95 plus S&H. The deluxe kit, which includes all the additional products currently sells for $139.95 plus S&H. If you are serious about quitting smoking, we definitely recommend the deluxe packageif only for the Lung Cleanser and the "emergency" Quit Smoking Spray. It is simple to take but must be taken multiple times a day...and doses should not be skipped.

We almost forgot...Final Smoke comes with a full 100% 30-day money back guarantee (minus S&H). If you should not be satisfied with the product for any reason, return the unused portion and your money will be refunded - no questions asked.

Visit their website here.

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